South american culture from the tribal to those who live in urban cities, span

a whole wealth of Magical beliefs,

Here is a look at some of the rich heritage in

South american cultures regarding


The red ribbon charm is known in Argentina as a symbol of good luck. When worn around the wrist (or in some cases around the ankle) it is said to give the wearer good fortune. Red is a lucky color around the world, especially in South America and China.

In Uruguay, drinking from a cup made from Amethyst is believed to prevent intoxication, drunkenness, and overindulgence. Wearing Amethyst around the navel brings mind soberness. The stone is associated with power, and it is believed that it calms the emotions and the mind. It is believed that it creates a lucky shield over the wearer. It promotes cognitive perception, it gets rid of negative energy.

 In Venezuela, the animal is especially revered for its bones and teeth. The teeth are the most important part of the Peccary in Venezuela because they are said to bring luck to whomever carries one. We have found decorated peccary teeth in archeological sites dating as far back as the Mayans. It is not clear exactly how long the teeth have been seen as a source of luck.

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