What do the STARS consider LUCKY?

The Friends star usually keeps her tat firmly out of view. 

Jen opted for ’11 11′ because she is ‘very spiritual’ and the numbers are deemed to be lucky.

It took a great deal of LUCK to become a big Hollywood idol, what's your secret?

Mike has his favorite lucky red shorts

Audret Hepburn had a lucky little rabbit figurine she woulnt be caught without!

Steven Tyler carries lucky raccoon teeth onstage.

Hillary Duff holds on tight to her Grandma's pin for luck..

Heidi Klum has a small case containing her baby teeth that she keeps close to her.

Helen Mirren has her lucky shoes whenever there is an award, she got them early in her career for $50.00

Madonna has a red ribbon she wears for luck..

Lindsey has a ring she considers lucky, she wore it her last film.

 Our favorite stars all seem to have little tokens or talismans that they carry to promote luck and good fortune


 Here are a few.

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